Friend of a Friend

Friend of a Friend
My recording session of Friend of a Friend today

Did you ever feel this dilemma about the difference how you feel yourself in a certain moment and how other people, even the very close and beloved ones, perceive you? Well, for me, that was the case with my singing voice for many months. When I was recording with my headphones, the result of the recordings would always be so much worse than how I heard it while singing. When recording Friend of a Friend today, I tried the whole thing live together with the guitar and without headphones. And I was excited about the outcome! I think it’s the first time ever that a recording of me sounds the way that I want to sound it. Yes, if you’ve read more about how I approach music you surely know that I want to include mistakes because I believe they belong to all of our lives. But the difference of the way I heard my voice while singing and then again later on the recording was so huge that I began to feel very desperate about my intonation. I was educating my listening ability over so many years and still I’d sing so out of tune without hearing it in the moment! Impossible.

So my Foo Fighter period continues!

There’ll come new songs of mine soon (I hope) as I’m working hard every day, texting, composing, practicing and then, of course, recording. Sometimes all together at once… The hardest thing for me is not to want it all at once. Be patient. Uuh. It’s just not easy to handle the on-storm of ideas! I start one song and it grows and grows, and long before I am able to play all parts well the next song pops up and wants to be written down.

Still I am in a very happy mood. Due to a dentist treatment last week I got rid of a mean pain that tortured me for years, seriously awful! As you surely know, the absence of a longly endured physical pain is a true good mood boost! I enjoy this creative phase of mine and I’ll full of hope to show you more of the outcomes very soon.

All the best to you and enjoy the video! Or just visit my solo page!

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