More Foo Fighters and first Grönemeyer cover

Grönemeyer cover Mein Lebensstrahlen
New video setting for our Grönemeyer cover Mein Lebensstrahlen

Last week I put out a new video, Skin and Bones, again a great song by Dave Grohl. As you can see in the video I have great fun in catching the right chords while not being able to see where my left hand is actually going. At the same time we were about to finish our first Grönemeyer-Cover, Mein Lebensstrahlen, with our trio with Antonia and Andreas. A great song by Herbert from his last album Tumult that I warmly recommend you to listen to. Herbert Grönemeyer is one of my most important idols and inspirations since my twelfth year. His honest and very own way of approaching harmony, melody and text was always encouraging me to find my way back to myself when I’d lost me. Even when my musical journey took me to jazz and classical music Herberts songs were always a part of my life.

Mein Lebensstrahlen – our first cover by Herbert Grönemeyer

In this video we try out some new location as you can see to add some more entertainment and contrast to the always quite similar looking rehearsal room… It definitely was a fun experience! The whole video-universe is so overwhelming with all the possibilities we have even without professional help.

On Monday I finally calmed down for the first time since my homepage is online. It’s just such an exciting matter and I am so keen on making things very good and even better that I have had a lot of trouble to give it a break – sometimes. And as you surely can imagine that can’t be healthy over time. So Monday things were just all to much and I needed sleep, to read and think about something else than marketing, homepage and YouTube.

It just happened then that I started to write a new song. My ideas are very often too much and urgently pressing on me that I don’t manage to catch them all. It’s just a very deep feeling that I’ll always have more work to do that I can manage. Exciting yes, but tiring as well.

Well, I hope I’ll be able to record some of them in a good quality the next weeks to give you a deeper impression. There’re definitely many things moving in my life.

I hope very much that all of you are still carrying on with whatever is motivating you in life and never forget that things are always changing – let’s hope for the better!!!

Take care!

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