Rock is in the air!

This week I share a drums session with you, on which I’m practicing a new rock song of mine.

In case you’re wondering about me being all excited about Foo Fighters and Dream Theater and so on and on the other side publishing more and more quiet songs and some rock ballads, well, don’t worry: The more heavy rock stuff will follow soon!

Part of it could be called a coincidence. We were just diving deeply into the Grönemeyer song “Mein Lebensstrahlen” before, so it was just a logical conclusion to finish this song that we had arranged and rehearsed with much effort. On the other side I must confess that I’m still struggling with my voice. I dived into the technic of growling and screaming about two years ago. Slowly started figuring out how that could be applied to my own voice.

My ‘rock’ voice adventures

A very emotional but also difficult process. Trained as a classical musician I simply wasn’t used to express emotions by producing dirty and rough sounds. In classical music I always felt the pressure to play with a beautiful and spotless tone. With all that conventions in my system it was a real epiphany to start producing this to me very new sounds. They were rough and ugly in the beginning, I must have sound like I was choking or so. It needed quite a bit of time to learn how to shape and blend the rough scream with my clean singing voice. And I’m still feeling that I’m at the beginning of this process. So at the lower register of my voice I’m starting to control this sounds and have a lot of fun using it. But at the higher range it’s just not there yet, not relaxed enough.

And of course it’s not really helping me that I want it all – and I want it now! Impatience is bothering me deeply! Well, that’s another thing I’m working on: I want to relax my will and my planning. Not too easy, changing all that old habits, but most healthy I can tell you! Just one thing less at a time, or maybe two, but then I do the few things properly and feel content while taking the most underestimated breaks. It’s the same as in music: Never underestimate the pause!

So, take it easy and make pauses often and enjoy them!

It’s a great thing to do!

My drums session No 2, practicing a new song of mine called “The Darkest Line”, check it out here!

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