Waltz and new songs

Since last Friday it happened that I wrote two new songs, both of them didn’t take longer than one hour. That is for me indeed an absolute record of a quickly composed song! Normally I need a few days at least to create my musical “bows” from beginning to the end and even though my musical ideas pop up rather fluent, I normally need some days to complete the text of the song. In February last year I remember, for instance, how I wrote the music of a new song in half an hour and needed around 6 till 8 hours in addition to find the “right” words for the lyrics. Luckily, writing text is something in need of practice as well as any other aspect of making art. These days I’m happy to be able to find the expressions I’m searching for much quicker.

The biggest problem I have with this creative phase is the big lack of time. Time to practice all the new material, time to practice my instrumental and vocal basics, time to record the songs, time to make videos, time to publish it, time to write texts like this one and so on… It usually happens in such a period that I plan to practice or plan to record, but then this new song idea keeps invading my mindset. So finally I end up with searching for new sounds and words. A great thing to do surely! But of course continuing like this means that I’ll not be able to share the music and text I create with you in the quality I want to achieve.

The “Waltz” is a song written by our drummer Andreas Pichler. He wrote it some years ago for the duo with his brother and bassist Matthias Pichler he’s playing in. They recorded a very nice album, just drums, bass and voices, sometimes enriched by the Banjo playing of Andreas. The duo version of them you can check out here! We tried this song with our trio some weeks ago for the first time and liked the sound and space of it. I’m improvising a kind of counter melody to the voice part Andreas is singing. Antonia keeps it very steady and leaves all the space so the song can easily breathe.

The process of making videos is still very new to us. It’s a great adventure trying out different scenes and expressions and mess around.

Have fun watching it!

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