New duo “the bluebirds”

new duo
the bluebirds recording Practical Arrangement by Sting

One more new project?

Maybe it seems weird for you, that I focus on many different projects at the same time. Well, I’d understand your confusion! I know that it makes sense to concentrate on one or at least just a few things at a time. Nevertheless, the constant flow of my ideas urging to come out of my system makes it so hard for me to stick to one thing. It’s not that I don’t try to “keep it simple”. In the contrary, I think that my way of creating music dramatically simplified over the last months. And still I sometimes need a huge contrast in my life to keep it balanced. That’s why it just made sense for me to form a new duo.

the bluebirds

The duo I’m going to talk about a bit today consists of Manuel Gehrke and me. I’m presenting our little band on a new page of my projects. Here you can read about it!

Just recently we talked about searching for a name for us to make things more clear as soon as we’d start sharing our performances. Manuels first suggestion was “why not the bluebirds?” I directly agreed, not knowing if there’d already be a band called like that but just liking the sound of the name and the picture that came into my mind. The friendship between Manuel and me always felt light. We share many interests and mindsets and have a deep emotional connection. Still it’s never a problem when we don’t meet for a couple of weeks or even months. So when I think of the bluebirds I imagine lying in the sun under a blue sky. That’s the way I feel when we play together.

The first song we present to you is called Practical Arrangement by Sting. We recorded it this Tuesday and liked the outcome, so here you go!

Of course, as you can imagine, there are many other things that I’m diving into these days. More Details you’ll get next week!

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