First live streaming and first heartcore video

In times like these it is very easy to often use the word “first”. I’m 34 by now, an age when other people are already in the middle of their career, maybe at their peak. Well, other people, not me. I’m at the very beginning of – everything! At least that’s the way it often feels. And so it comes that I was live streaming for the first time in my life on Friday one week ago. The same day my wife Antonia and me published the first video of our duo heartcore.


Well, this is the most intimate setting that I can think of. I always loved to dream about Antonia and me performing together as a duo. The last years each of us searched for our very own ways and they rarely came together on the same stage. Since we both dived into the world of rock and pop music it developed naturally that we sing and play together as we do on our first video Shape of my Heart. I love it! I hope you too! More about heartcore you can read here.

First live streaming

Due to an invitation for an application to I spontaneously liked the idea to check that platform. I already thought a couple of times about live streaming on my youtube channel and one day (I guess soon) I’ll try that as well. The only missing reason was a kind of occasion. I knew I’d need to check out some technical settings and gain additional knowledge in order to be able to perform online. So the talent scouts of sessions live finally created such an occasion. Thanks for that!

I like the idea of the platform to create a steady income for the participating artists, that’s why I want to give it a try for the next weeks. Then, I guess, I’ll probably be able to decide if this platform feels right for me.

So, great news for you!

In case you ever wanted to support me financially and missed the donation button on my website, my live performances on are a great opportunity to help me becoming a successful artist by joining the platform and support me with all your love. Well, “love”, is the currency on sessions live that artists can transfer into real cash. Maybe strange at first, but somehow sweet and lovely, I think.

From now on you can always check new scheduled performances on my new live section of my website. Of course I’ll announce it on my Facebook page as well.

So, I hope you’ll give it a try so that we see each other on my next live performance next Monday!

live streaming
Performing My Island on, watch the video here!

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