Let it die?

Why would you let it die? What is „it“? And would death be „forever“? Whatever that is!

I really love the Foo Fighters song Let it die as I do love so many songs of this amazing band. Often it happens that a song moves me to the core and I am simply not able to explain why that is. Well, sometimes I have a guess at least.

I did let things die in my life. And when I listened to this song very recently I got a feeling like I lost something crucial in a very early stage of my earthly life. Of course that makes things more tricky because I hardly remember my live back when I was three years old. 

I could imagine that I had a certain flow in my life, the feeling, that many things belong together like one big wired world, connected through warm waves of human emotion. When growing older, things were getting separated. Maybe I lost this sense of „feeling connected“, or at least part of it. Could be a decreasing feeling for my body as well. More school, more sitting, more Burn your brain! The great thing is, that I remember myself still enjoying my life. When I didn’t, I tried to keep my flame burning by listening to music. Well, listening to music always has been my most effective way to cheer me up!

In these days it strongly feels like I’m slowly regaining the so longly missed feeling about myself being connected with the world and, most importantly, with myself. I guess that’s why Let it die feels emotionally so real to me when I listen to it. I’m finding something that I’ve missed for ages and as I find it, I relive some of the old pain when I must have lost it.


Not for me! Just hard to find words for it.


So things go all the ways at the same time, so to say. Our rock band finally has a name! We can not know if that name will last forever (a heavy word anyway) or if we have to change it one day. But we thought it is about time to give it a try and we all three like nightmore. So it is!

So the cool thing is, that our first together composed song Burn your Brain is released the same day as our band name. Cool thing I think.

Of course I’d be curious what you think about our name and what pictures come into your mind when you read it. Pleas leave some comments if you like!

We are exhausted but very happy after intense rehearsing and yes: The next great (and heavy) song is already in the air and starts to get into our skin and bones day by day!

Innocent darkness

…is the name of my second YouTube house concert that took place the 26th of April.

Great success so far! Thank you all who joined and partied around!

It was quite a unique experience for me, not seeing and hearing any audience but feeling each of you, not only while reading all the cool comments in between my playing. Don’t believe it? Try it! You’ll feel the difference if and how many people are watching you, whatever you are performing but most importantly: How they feel while watching you.

So even though I am so new to this way of performing and communicating to the audience I already had a great time and am looking forward to my next concert, which is already scheduled:

In Bloom

Yes, for each of you who don’t know yet: I love Nirvana, Kurt, Krist and Dave, dear Dave in a very special way with him founding the Foo Fighters and all that great shit!

But Kurt, yes, Kurt. What a man, what a drama. What a musician. I can’t describe my feelings properly, but I deeply feel connected to this amazing person, like so many millions of you do, too!

I read a book about him, Serving the Servant, written by Danny Goldberg, his former manager for the last four years of his life. I really recommend this book. Besides the overwhelming amount of information about a music scene I never dived into apart from Nirvana it draws a beautiful picture of a beautiful man. Of course there are many dark sides I have great empathy for. But the joy and encouragement Kurt gave to the world are as well an essential part of his life.

Maybe he couldn’t share many things with Dave and Krist that drove him crazy. I really know about the difficulty to share deep things. I’m sure you do, too. It’s a different thing to talk a lot (like I brilliantly can do!) or to really share very private emotions, worries, joy, visions, pain and fear…

I’m absolutely sure that Dave and Krist would have helped Kurt even more if Kurt would have been able to let them help.

In one way, Kurts story is a warning for me. To do it in another way. d

On the other hand, he is still such an idol. This fragile and wild outburst of emotion.

How do you feel about Nirvana?

Do you like their music? The mood? The attitude?

Leave comments if you like!

…and maybe think about it: Why d’you have to go and let it die?

Great day to all of you!

Let it die

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