Long time ago!

Well, of course I wasn’t totally illusionary about the fact that I probably wouldn’t manage to keep up my almost weekly frequency of writing new blog posts. Even though it has been a while now I still can’t write much about what I’m working on at the moment.

There’s some new music that keeps me busy, so you can definitely look forward to that! Additionally I’m working on important aspects of my business.

As I said there’s not so much I can talk about this moment but soon enough I’ll be able to show you hopefully some great results of my efforts.

Till then I wish you a great time and see you around soon!

Let it die?

Why would you let it die? What is „it“? And would death be „forever“? Whatever that is!

I really love the Foo Fighters song Let it die as I do love so many songs of this amazing band. Often it happens that a song moves me to the core and I am simply not able to explain why that is. Well, sometimes I have a guess at least.

I did let things die in my life. And when I listened to this song very recently I got a feeling like I lost something crucial in a very early stage of my earthly life. Of course that makes things more tricky because I hardly remember my live back when I was three years old. 

I could imagine that I had a certain flow in my life, the feeling, that many things belong together like one big wired world, connected through warm waves of human emotion. When growing older, things were getting separated. Maybe I lost this sense of „feeling connected“, or at least part of it. Could be a decreasing feeling for my body as well. More school, more sitting, more Burn your brain! The great thing is, that I remember myself still enjoying my life. When I didn’t, I tried to keep my flame burning by listening to music. Well, listening to music always has been my most effective way to cheer me up!

In these days it strongly feels like I’m slowly regaining the so longly missed feeling about myself being connected with the world and, most importantly, with myself. I guess that’s why Let it die feels emotionally so real to me when I listen to it. I’m finding something that I’ve missed for ages and as I find it, I relive some of the old pain when I must have lost it.


Not for me! Just hard to find words for it.


So things go all the ways at the same time, so to say. Our rock band finally has a name! We can not know if that name will last forever (a heavy word anyway) or if we have to change it one day. But we thought it is about time to give it a try and we all three like nightmore. So it is!

So the cool thing is, that our first together composed song Burn your Brain is released the same day as our band name. Cool thing I think.

Of course I’d be curious what you think about our name and what pictures come into your mind when you read it. Pleas leave some comments if you like!

We are exhausted but very happy after intense rehearsing and yes: The next great (and heavy) song is already in the air and starts to get into our skin and bones day by day!

Innocent darkness

…is the name of my second YouTube house concert that took place the 26th of April.

Great success so far! Thank you all who joined and partied around!

It was quite a unique experience for me, not seeing and hearing any audience but feeling each of you, not only while reading all the cool comments in between my playing. Don’t believe it? Try it! You’ll feel the difference if and how many people are watching you, whatever you are performing but most importantly: How they feel while watching you.

So even though I am so new to this way of performing and communicating to the audience I already had a great time and am looking forward to my next concert, which is already scheduled:

In Bloom

Yes, for each of you who don’t know yet: I love Nirvana, Kurt, Krist and Dave, dear Dave in a very special way with him founding the Foo Fighters and all that great shit!

But Kurt, yes, Kurt. What a man, what a drama. What a musician. I can’t describe my feelings properly, but I deeply feel connected to this amazing person, like so many millions of you do, too!

I read a book about him, Serving the Servant, written by Danny Goldberg, his former manager for the last four years of his life. I really recommend this book. Besides the overwhelming amount of information about a music scene I never dived into apart from Nirvana it draws a beautiful picture of a beautiful man. Of course there are many dark sides I have great empathy for. But the joy and encouragement Kurt gave to the world are as well an essential part of his life.

Maybe he couldn’t share many things with Dave and Krist that drove him crazy. I really know about the difficulty to share deep things. I’m sure you do, too. It’s a different thing to talk a lot (like I brilliantly can do!) or to really share very private emotions, worries, joy, visions, pain and fear…

I’m absolutely sure that Dave and Krist would have helped Kurt even more if Kurt would have been able to let them help.

In one way, Kurts story is a warning for me. To do it in another way. d

On the other hand, he is still such an idol. This fragile and wild outburst of emotion.

How do you feel about Nirvana?

Do you like their music? The mood? The attitude?

Leave comments if you like!

…and maybe think about it: Why d’you have to go and let it die?

Great day to all of you!

Let it die

First live streaming and first heartcore video

In times like these it is very easy to often use the word “first”. I’m 34 by now, an age when other people are already in the middle of their career, maybe at their peak. Well, other people, not me. I’m at the very beginning of – everything! At least that’s the way it often feels. And so it comes that I was live streaming for the first time in my life on Friday one week ago. The same day my wife Antonia and me published the first video of our duo heartcore.


Well, this is the most intimate setting that I can think of. I always loved to dream about Antonia and me performing together as a duo. The last years each of us searched for our very own ways and they rarely came together on the same stage. Since we both dived into the world of rock and pop music it developed naturally that we sing and play together as we do on our first video Shape of my Heart. I love it! I hope you too! More about heartcore you can read here.

First live streaming

Due to an invitation for an application to sessionslive.com I spontaneously liked the idea to check that platform. I already thought a couple of times about live streaming on my youtube channel and one day (I guess soon) I’ll try that as well. The only missing reason was a kind of occasion. I knew I’d need to check out some technical settings and gain additional knowledge in order to be able to perform online. So the talent scouts of sessions live finally created such an occasion. Thanks for that!

I like the idea of the platform to create a steady income for the participating artists, that’s why I want to give it a try for the next weeks. Then, I guess, I’ll probably be able to decide if this platform feels right for me.

So, great news for you!

In case you ever wanted to support me financially and missed the donation button on my website, my live performances on sessionslive.com are a great opportunity to help me becoming a successful artist by joining the platform and support me with all your love. Well, “love”, is the currency on sessions live that artists can transfer into real cash. Maybe strange at first, but somehow sweet and lovely, I think.

From now on you can always check new scheduled performances on my new live section of my website. Of course I’ll announce it on my Facebook page as well.

So, I hope you’ll give it a try so that we see each other on my next live performance next Monday!

live streaming
Performing My Island on sessionslive.com, watch the video here!

New duo “the bluebirds”

new duo
the bluebirds recording Practical Arrangement by Sting

One more new project?

Maybe it seems weird for you, that I focus on many different projects at the same time. Well, I’d understand your confusion! I know that it makes sense to concentrate on one or at least just a few things at a time. Nevertheless, the constant flow of my ideas urging to come out of my system makes it so hard for me to stick to one thing. It’s not that I don’t try to “keep it simple”. In the contrary, I think that my way of creating music dramatically simplified over the last months. And still I sometimes need a huge contrast in my life to keep it balanced. That’s why it just made sense for me to form a new duo.

the bluebirds

The duo I’m going to talk about a bit today consists of Manuel Gehrke and me. I’m presenting our little band on a new page of my projects. Here you can read about it!

Just recently we talked about searching for a name for us to make things more clear as soon as we’d start sharing our performances. Manuels first suggestion was “why not the bluebirds?” I directly agreed, not knowing if there’d already be a band called like that but just liking the sound of the name and the picture that came into my mind. The friendship between Manuel and me always felt light. We share many interests and mindsets and have a deep emotional connection. Still it’s never a problem when we don’t meet for a couple of weeks or even months. So when I think of the bluebirds I imagine lying in the sun under a blue sky. That’s the way I feel when we play together.

The first song we present to you is called Practical Arrangement by Sting. We recorded it this Tuesday and liked the outcome, so here you go!

Of course, as you can imagine, there are many other things that I’m diving into these days. More Details you’ll get next week!

Waltz and new songs

Since last Friday it happened that I wrote two new songs, both of them didn’t take longer than one hour. That is for me indeed an absolute record of a quickly composed song! Normally I need a few days at least to create my musical “bows” from beginning to the end and even though my musical ideas pop up rather fluent, I normally need some days to complete the text of the song. In February last year I remember, for instance, how I wrote the music of a new song in half an hour and needed around 6 till 8 hours in addition to find the “right” words for the lyrics. Luckily, writing text is something in need of practice as well as any other aspect of making art. These days I’m happy to be able to find the expressions I’m searching for much quicker.

The biggest problem I have with this creative phase is the big lack of time. Time to practice all the new material, time to practice my instrumental and vocal basics, time to record the songs, time to make videos, time to publish it, time to write texts like this one and so on… It usually happens in such a period that I plan to practice or plan to record, but then this new song idea keeps invading my mindset. So finally I end up with searching for new sounds and words. A great thing to do surely! But of course continuing like this means that I’ll not be able to share the music and text I create with you in the quality I want to achieve.

The “Waltz” is a song written by our drummer Andreas Pichler. He wrote it some years ago for the duo with his brother and bassist Matthias Pichler he’s playing in. They recorded a very nice album, just drums, bass and voices, sometimes enriched by the Banjo playing of Andreas. The duo version of them you can check out here! We tried this song with our trio some weeks ago for the first time and liked the sound and space of it. I’m improvising a kind of counter melody to the voice part Andreas is singing. Antonia keeps it very steady and leaves all the space so the song can easily breathe.

The process of making videos is still very new to us. It’s a great adventure trying out different scenes and expressions and mess around.

Have fun watching it!

Rock is in the air!

This week I share a drums session with you, on which I’m practicing a new rock song of mine.

In case you’re wondering about me being all excited about Foo Fighters and Dream Theater and so on and on the other side publishing more and more quiet songs and some rock ballads, well, don’t worry: The more heavy rock stuff will follow soon!

Part of it could be called a coincidence. We were just diving deeply into the Grönemeyer song “Mein Lebensstrahlen” before, so it was just a logical conclusion to finish this song that we had arranged and rehearsed with much effort. On the other side I must confess that I’m still struggling with my voice. I dived into the technic of growling and screaming about two years ago. Slowly started figuring out how that could be applied to my own voice.

My ‘rock’ voice adventures

A very emotional but also difficult process. Trained as a classical musician I simply wasn’t used to express emotions by producing dirty and rough sounds. In classical music I always felt the pressure to play with a beautiful and spotless tone. With all that conventions in my system it was a real epiphany to start producing this to me very new sounds. They were rough and ugly in the beginning, I must have sound like I was choking or so. It needed quite a bit of time to learn how to shape and blend the rough scream with my clean singing voice. And I’m still feeling that I’m at the beginning of this process. So at the lower register of my voice I’m starting to control this sounds and have a lot of fun using it. But at the higher range it’s just not there yet, not relaxed enough.

And of course it’s not really helping me that I want it all – and I want it now! Impatience is bothering me deeply! Well, that’s another thing I’m working on: I want to relax my will and my planning. Not too easy, changing all that old habits, but most healthy I can tell you! Just one thing less at a time, or maybe two, but then I do the few things properly and feel content while taking the most underestimated breaks. It’s the same as in music: Never underestimate the pause!

So, take it easy and make pauses often and enjoy them!

It’s a great thing to do!

My drums session No 2, practicing a new song of mine called “The Darkest Line”, check it out here!

More Foo Fighters and first Grönemeyer cover

Grönemeyer cover Mein Lebensstrahlen
New video setting for our Grönemeyer cover Mein Lebensstrahlen

Last week I put out a new video, Skin and Bones, again a great song by Dave Grohl. As you can see in the video I have great fun in catching the right chords while not being able to see where my left hand is actually going. At the same time we were about to finish our first Grönemeyer-Cover, Mein Lebensstrahlen, with our trio with Antonia and Andreas. A great song by Herbert from his last album Tumult that I warmly recommend you to listen to. Herbert Grönemeyer is one of my most important idols and inspirations since my twelfth year. His honest and very own way of approaching harmony, melody and text was always encouraging me to find my way back to myself when I’d lost me. Even when my musical journey took me to jazz and classical music Herberts songs were always a part of my life.

Mein Lebensstrahlen – our first cover by Herbert Grönemeyer

In this video we try out some new location as you can see to add some more entertainment and contrast to the always quite similar looking rehearsal room… It definitely was a fun experience! The whole video-universe is so overwhelming with all the possibilities we have even without professional help.

On Monday I finally calmed down for the first time since my homepage is online. It’s just such an exciting matter and I am so keen on making things very good and even better that I have had a lot of trouble to give it a break – sometimes. And as you surely can imagine that can’t be healthy over time. So Monday things were just all to much and I needed sleep, to read and think about something else than marketing, homepage and YouTube.

It just happened then that I started to write a new song. My ideas are very often too much and urgently pressing on me that I don’t manage to catch them all. It’s just a very deep feeling that I’ll always have more work to do that I can manage. Exciting yes, but tiring as well.

Well, I hope I’ll be able to record some of them in a good quality the next weeks to give you a deeper impression. There’re definitely many things moving in my life.

I hope very much that all of you are still carrying on with whatever is motivating you in life and never forget that things are always changing – let’s hope for the better!!!

Take care!

Friend of a Friend

Friend of a Friend
My recording session of Friend of a Friend today

Did you ever feel this dilemma about the difference how you feel yourself in a certain moment and how other people, even the very close and beloved ones, perceive you? Well, for me, that was the case with my singing voice for many months. When I was recording with my headphones, the result of the recordings would always be so much worse than how I heard it while singing. When recording Friend of a Friend today, I tried the whole thing live together with the guitar and without headphones. And I was excited about the outcome! I think it’s the first time ever that a recording of me sounds the way that I want to sound it. Yes, if you’ve read more about how I approach music you surely know that I want to include mistakes because I believe they belong to all of our lives. But the difference of the way I heard my voice while singing and then again later on the recording was so huge that I began to feel very desperate about my intonation. I was educating my listening ability over so many years and still I’d sing so out of tune without hearing it in the moment! Impossible.

So my Foo Fighter period continues!

There’ll come new songs of mine soon (I hope) as I’m working hard every day, texting, composing, practicing and then, of course, recording. Sometimes all together at once… The hardest thing for me is not to want it all at once. Be patient. Uuh. It’s just not easy to handle the on-storm of ideas! I start one song and it grows and grows, and long before I am able to play all parts well the next song pops up and wants to be written down.

Still I am in a very happy mood. Due to a dentist treatment last week I got rid of a mean pain that tortured me for years, seriously awful! As you surely know, the absence of a longly endured physical pain is a true good mood boost! I enjoy this creative phase of mine and I’ll full of hope to show you more of the outcomes very soon.

All the best to you and enjoy the video! Or just visit my solo page!

Free climbing

Do you know this feeling like you‘re flying because you love what you‘re doing at the present moment?

I hope you do!

When I plug in my guitar and start to jam around, it usually feels like flying, or sometimes like climbing. After my little journey into the past last week (free fallin‘ made in May 2020) I now thought about an emotional free climbing tour.

I once saw a video about Alex Honnold called ‚free solo‘ where he‘s climbing the huge vertical 900 meter rock face of ‚el Capitan‘ at Yosemite National Park. It was greatly inspiring how focused and organized he started to prepare this incredibly dangerous tour. The way I climb is using tones, stretching and bending them, finding a groove along the way and exploring all the little details inside this world.

I hope you‘ll enjoy this little trip!

White, quiet and loud

When snow starts to fall and temperatures finally drop so low that it doesn’t melt right away it gets quiet in front of our normally noisy street. Cars drive slowly or don’t drive at all and the snow muffles all the sound. I really like that!

This time the snow grew so thick that the public transport had to stop due to the great amount of snow filling up all the tram tracks. Well, biking wasn’t an option either so I was walking to the rehearsal room which takes more than one hour each way. Sometimes I enjoyed the slow way of traveling, seeing new things and feeling the positivities of moving a lot. But then my rehearsal time was shortened quite a bit. And my impatience grew… So many things I want to do, so much to play, so much to compose, so much to sing, so much to learn! And I’m stuck with walking.

And it’s loud. Loud inside my head. Thousand voices shouting. So much to do, so much to learn, so much to reach, or not..? And life slips away, even though it’s great. Well, I am enjoying my life, very grateful indeed. Living in a warm place, enjoying great food and full of music inside my head and heart and body and soul and what else you wanna call it! And still: Hasty. It’s the speed of our time, maybe, that I can’t run along. Maybe it’s a pressure I’m manly causing myself. But wherever it comes from: It is there and it is f***** annoying!

I went for a walk today, not to my rehearsal room, just into the park, no goal, just a little warming sunbath. And trying to relax my tensed jaw… Then I was thinking about how it feels just to walk and nothing else. Feeling the body, each muscle, the weight shifting from one leg to the other, the cold wind on my skin, the warm sun too. And nothing else.


I feel like I have so much to learn. But still, most of all perhaps, I should change my way of learning. Learn to relax. Learn to enjoy. Each moment.

I wish you all a great weekend and deeply hope that you enjoy your moments, one by one!

Greetings with this video which I finished this week!

music recorded in May 2020