Thanks for the great start!

One week ago I launched this page and yes: it feels good!

Thank you all who gave me such nice replies, some of you making great effort for a detailed feedback. I really appreciate it! Of course it is “my world” I am presenting to you, but you’re my guests here and, as you (hopefully!) know, “the guest is queen!” – as we use to say in German.

I welcome you to use the new tool at the sidebar to subscribe via email. In that way you’ll stay tuned with all the great news that are awaiting us! 😉

What’s driving me? Well, I am working on a little video for my version of “Free Fallin'”. Already in May last year I had some idea in mind and collected some video material. The last days I was in the mood to finally put it together. It will be finished soon! Nothing world-changing, but entertaining, I think.

I’d like to share one song of a concert with you that I often listened to the last weeks. It’s the amazing acoustic concert “skin and bones” by Foo Fighters which took place in Hollywood in 2006. Dave Grohl is a big hero for me (he’s ordinary!) and I am deeply moved by his natural being on stage and of course I am crazy about his incredible energy!

If you now wonder what this song is about and if I dived into the lyrics as well (which I often didn’t in the past!), I can tell you: Yes, I did! And it’s really how I feel at the moment. The first feeling I got when I listened to it was very close to what Dave himself says about the song. That’s why I give you the link to the wiki-page.

Finally I’d like to encourage you to leave comments if you feel like. you can do so under this post (and of course under any older post as well) or as well directly at “home”, as well at the bottom.

Und natürlich könnt Ihr Eure Kommentare auch auf deutsch schreiben! Or any other language you feel comfortable with!

All the best to you! See you soon!


My page is online!
That is a special moment for me.
I worked hard the last weeks and months to make that all happen.

Special thanks to Ben Forbes. Without his help the biographical texts (and others) would all sound quite clumsy or even not be understandable at all.

And of course thanks to my wife Antonia and my dear band fellow Andreas

For all of you who start exploring my site: I wish you all the fun! Hopefully lots of laughter and tears of being moved! I’ll keep you informed how things make progress. Please feel free to get in touch!

All the best to you!