About my coaching

If you make music in any kind of group of any size (be it professional or amateurish) and wish to deepen your musical experience, I offer you my coaching that builds on the fallowing aspects:

  • Trust as fundamental to musical expression
  • Expressing needs and vulnerability to maintain your personal space
  • How to let go of your judgement and gain a free minded observation to find easier and simple solutions to problems which might not be of a technical nature
  • Exploring the bodies natural movements while playing and listening

My point of view

After all I’ve experienced, I’ve found there is no separation between musicality and humanity. They both influence each other strongly and the outcome of a musical working process essentially depends on the harmony between the two.

My coaching skills

  • A deep understanding of the process of creating together
  • Experience with the laws of emotion and the laws of music
  • Connector of knowledge, technical skills and emotion
  • Many years of experience as a cellist, bassist, guitarist, singer, conductor and composer, participating and leading ensembles, orchestras, choirs and bands.
  • Experience as solo performer
  • Sharp listener

My languages

I speak German and English.

My questions to you

  • Do you lead, manage or participate in an ensemble, orchestra, choir or band?
  • Are you interested in finding new ways of making music together?
  • Do you have a passion for exploring new music?
  • Can you imagine that the working atmosphere with your colleagues can be changed in a way that serves a warmer and more profound art?
  • Do you dare to dive into your own emotions?

My offer

  • First of all we need to figure out what are your personal and musical circumstances. 
  • Then we will talk about your expectations of my coaching.
  • After that I am going to evaluate if and in which ways I might be able to assist your purpose.
  • Finally you will receive an official offer about the estimated time of coaching and the connected costs

Coaching Costs

The costs will depend on different parameters:

  • How big is the ensemble?
  • How long do you need my coaching?
  • How far is the distance to my hometown (Kassel, Germany)?
  • How much time do I need for preparation?

Your questions?

Feel free to get in touch with me!

… and a bit more background information:

My heroes

Of course I wouldn’t be the man and musician I am today without the many influences that shaped me on my way. Therefore I tell you about the most important musicians and bands in my life:

J.S.Bach, H.Grönemeyer, Dream Theater, R. Wagner, Keith Garret, Scott La Faro, Nirvana, W.A.Mozart, L.v.Beethoven, Foo Fighters, Janine Jansen, F. Schubert, Maria João Pires, Glenn Gould, A.Dvořák, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Gustav Leonhardt, Radiohead, Sting, John Mayer, Larry Grenadier, Charlie Haden, Deichkind, Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Muse, John Coltrane, Niki Reiser, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Pat Metheny, Taylor Swift, Paramore, Rage Against the Machine, Silbermond, Rammstein, A Perfect Circle, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Michal Jackson, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Billy Talent, Kurt Equiluz, Peter Jelosits and of course many more!

My mentality

The variety of my musical qualities originate from my wide range of interests, not only in music, but in art and life.

My strongest ability is the way I am able to support, combine and unite styles, instruments, scenes, qualities and most of all, humans.

I love great diversity: In character and individuality but as well in virtuosity and experience. I believe it is an enrichment for all of us to be different from each other, truly unique, and that it is worth the effort to accept the challenge to connect and collect more, to separate and select less.

Which doesn’t mean that I don’t distinguish!

Instead of excluding I always try to find a way to include every person, every quality, every aspect that wants to join the whole work of art. 

My focus is set on finding the appropriate challenge for each participant. You are invited to widen your own personal horizon, to gain more tolerance and respect towards other people despite their differences.

It basically opens our hearts and builds a warm atmosphere. In my experience this is the key for any kind of true art. Artwork in general without warm humanity is generally not exciting for me.

© Benjamin Forbes