heartcore is the duo with my wife Antonia.

Our past

We played together for many years and experimented with several settings: Antonia once played a Cello concerto and I accompanied her on my double bass and sang some of the other orchestral parts. Then I’d try to play the piano parts of some classical sonatas. We even tried some cello duos even though my abilities on the cello are rather basis. We continued with some of J.S.Bachs great cantatas, both singing and playing. But well, all in all many tries without the outcome that we yearned for: This exciting feeling that we’d love to perform our music on stage!

the beginning of heartcore

When we started our trio with Andreas it happened more often that we’d practice our parts in duo while he’d be at home in Berlin. Sometimes we just played a song we both liked and enjoyed it. We actually enjoyed it so much that we could imagine for the first time to share our music with you – the public world!

I love to make music with Antonia. It’s like breathing, it flows, we don’t need to think much about musical agreements. Before we already experienced this feeling but the music and the setting was just not what we felt like sharing with the world. Singing and playing these songs just feels like home.

The name of our duo came as a natural result of who and how we are. We both approach life in an extreme way, always diving to the core of things. That can make life more heavy and hard, but more beautiful as well.

Within the next months we’re gonna share some videos of the music we do.

We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we are!

That’s our first public video! As you see, we tried to include the darkening sky.