I’m saving the World

I’m home
and I’m alone
Alone at home
to save our lives from home

I stay at home
to save all lives from home!

And I stay alone
to save the world alone!

I’m at home
and I’m done
I’m done alone
but I save our lives from home

I won’t moan
cause I save all lives alone!
I stay on the phone
to save our world alone!

I’m not alone, I see your face
Our blessings have grown, the science of grace
And even though I can’t touch your skin
My room’s growin’ small, my nerves are thin

But I’m saving the world
I’m saving the world
Yeah I’m saving the world
The world alone!

I’m saving the World is written by Konstantin Uhrmeister March 23th, 2021

I'm saving the World
Lovely home: What shall we do without you?