I heartily welcome you to listen to my music and watch my videos!

These following pages will introduce my various projects. I’ll talk a bit about the different settings but most important I’ll show you recordings of the music I either wrote myself or am deeply inspired by and in love with. The form of the recording settings will differ from well planned and elaborately arranged ones to spontaneous live sessions that I or we just recorded and felt good about sharing afterwards.

There are so many possibilities in these days of creating sound. It is overwhelming to dive into this world! As I introduced you already into my basic approach towards music and life, it is important to me showing you not only the final result of my and our efforts but also some part of the ways we’ve taken. Thus and so I hope to encourage each of you to stand up for yourself, even at painful and difficult times.

I’ve been a jazz (and later classical) bass player for many years and there’re still people I know and love who wished I’d still be. But things change and not always the way that people you love expect. I wasn’t expecting all that myself! Nevertheless, today I know that each experience I’ve lived through was worth it.

I feel like a rock musician today, it is the music and the people I can identify with the most.

All the same my past will always be my past and I’m happy for everything I could learn on my way. I’ve checked out jazz bass playing and soling over weird chords, playing odd times and rhythms. I’ve studied many classical scores of great composers and tried to find a way to conduct them. I’ve sang arias of J.S.Bach and exceptionally enjoyed that!

Maybe one day I’ll be able to united all that beloved influences. Maybe.

If I will achieve that goal or not, who knows?

I finally think it’s all a great adventure we are tripping on and I heartily invite you to be part of mine!