We give you a first glimpse into our new world that started the moment we met. As you can imagine, I know my wife Antonia for a while now – and Andreas and I already got to know each other when we studied jazz music in Amsterdam more than ten years ago. But it obviously took us many years until each of us was ready to find the spirit of founding nightmore.

It was at Antonias and my wedding in 2019 when Andreas and I played together at the later hours of the night, after many years with almost no contact. We then realised that we had to play together again, it didn’t even matter that I changed my instrument and headed strait into the world of rock music. It just felt so great to make music together.

We finally thought about a third person – preferably a bassist – due to my change to the guitar. That was tricky, because we had to find somebody who could dive into this intense world we were sharing. That’s when Antonia came into the picture, she just heard us playing in our living room. That time she didn’t even play the bass but was a classical cellist! It then developed very naturally. We directly found this magic click, it didn’t matter what music we played or which instrument. When Antonia started with the bass in September 2020 we kind of took off ground. nightmore was born!

“Waltz” – by our drummer Andreas Pichler, a sound with space
Mein Lebensstrahlen – our first Herbert Grönemeyer cover, arranged as a rock ballad
Unsichtbar is the first song of our own we share with you. The text you’ll find on my page (lyrics)
Fields of Gold by Sting is the first cover song we share. Great tune!
New places for new videos – always trying out new ideas