session room

Welcome to my session room! Here I’ll show you my focus on improvisation.

Here I publish once in a while some recordings of sessions I play alone or with friends. Most of it is messing around with ideas that spontaneously come to our minds but it could be as well material that we work on at the moment or maybe a new song that still needs to be finished.

Already as a child I was deeply inspired by improvised music and I desperately wanted to learn it, even though nobody could show it to me when I started playing (classical) cello. Later on through my jazz studies I learned to express myself by diving deeply into improvisation. Since that great learning process there is actually no day that passes without me improvising. It’s just an essential part of my life!

From improvisation to a composed piece of music

When I started to compose classical pieces in 2009, I mainly improvised lines and sang them aloud and tried to imagine the harmonic context of my invented melodies. At that time I never tried to simply write a good song but always ached for the “big masterpiece”, very much focused on classical music. Still, the essential way of how I create my music remained till today. By focusing on my musical imagination in the past in combination with improvising I learned the ability to easily write down my musical ideas. I talk more about that subject on my page about me. That especially helps today when I want to have more instruments to join my ideas, for example when I write for ROOF – Rock Orchestra Of Flames.

One big work in progress!

Have fun!

Konstantin in action on the drums, practicing a new song called “The Darkest Line”
That’s a Session with Andreas on drums, I play guitar, he starts improvising with some crazy rap lines of Kendrick Lamar
Then it’s my turn checking out some rap lines of a new song I wrote for the trio
Session Room with focus on improvisation
© Benjamin Forbes