Welcome to my solo project. Me as a singer and songwriter. Due to my past as a bassist I never approached solo performances ’cause I thought it silly to only hear some bass messing around. With this setting, singing songs and accompanying myself with the guitar, I truly feel at home. Of course I love and need to play with my beloved friends which gives us together so much more variety and richness in sound and rhythm. But then, playing alone and filling the whole room with nothing else than my voice and guitar, that’s an amazing experience. Very intimate and a natural thing to do for me.

It is somehow funny to me that I am a singer and songwriter these days as I remember that I never really connected to this scene in the past. I think I always missed the bass and drums. Eventually I figured out that things are not black and white and that I’m able (and allowed, wow!) to shape my very own version of me being a songwriter. That’s why I love that I have started with the cello as a kid and continued as a bassist. Conducting choirs for years and my own rock orchestra today. My past can show you all my passions that still inspire me every day.

If you like my music and want to engage me to play a concert, pleas feel free to get in contact with me!

My great inspiration at this time: Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters
Exit Music by Radiohead – what a song!
Fly, little bird, fly, dedicated to my wife Antonia
My own music to the birthday song “Viel Glück und viel Segen” I grew up with
Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty, this is my own version I did in May 2020. I found some new colours. Highly inspiring this song!
New Jam
My first recording session exploring the new possibilities –
playing around with all kinds of instruments
recorded in
April 2020
That’s the video I did for “New Jam” which is a tryout of all kinds of ideas.
Playing electric guitar in my living room. ©  Benjamin Forbes