the bluebirds

the bluebirds
the bluebirds recording for the first time

First time the bluebirds met

Many years before the bluebirds were born, Manuel Gehrke, pianist from Kassel, and me know each other since 2014. It was a turbulent week when we got to know each other. We were both leading choirs that time and first met on a course to improve our conducting skills. Unfortunately, half of the course involved all kinds of exams to proof we’d be worthy of leading a choir. With fulfilling the requests of the exams we’d at least get a slightly higher salary when leading a church choir. So we both started to study hard.

We directly connected by sharing the same kind of humor. It may have been laughing out of stress, but it definitely was obvious to me that my time at this course would have been particularly worse without sharing the little room we stayed in with Manuel. We had just fun while talking and exchanging. The time felt light when we met even though we both were stressed like hell about those exams. It somehow felt like being back in school and well, as you should know, I detested exams in school!

By the way, it was exactly that period when my urge for rock music grew. There was a more hidden room where I found a drum set. So of course I started playing it regularly, increasing the volume with growing comfort. One evening I talked with Manuel about my “secret passion” and he answered with a laugh: “Ah, that’s the source of the noise some other course member were complaining about!”


After this course we met on a regularly base for a coffee. It became a ritual. Exchanging our musical experiences, our personal issues as well, curious, respectful, but not interfering into each others lives. Manuel is so very polite and friendly, much more than I am I think. So sometimes I felt a little rude when I complained about stuff that bothered me. There was always something that bothered me! That time much more than today. I guess I just hadn’t enough rock in my life, not only music, but all this rock energy I feel and love inside myself and inside so many other people I love and admire. Naturally my tension was quite high.

Nevertheless Manuel didn’t seem to be annoyed by it because our meetings continued over the years. We had dinners with friends sometimes but we never god rid of our little coffee ritual. It was a funny thing that we’d never played together in that period. I just didn’t think of it. Maybe because Manuel seemed busy with his projects, I busy with my ones and we were just used to have a good time talking and inspiring each other on a verbal base.


One day in 2020 we met for a coffee like usual. Then he introduced his ambitions of creating some music together. Of course was very curious and excited especially about the open approach he suggested. He liked the idea that we’d explore different forms of art. He had ideas for a short movie story and was interested in music programming as well as open for my passion about rap and rock music.

The following months we further on exchanged ideas, started writing lyrics and messed around with our music programs. Unfortunately I was very short of time. It was exactly the time when we increased the intensity of our rock band with Antonia and Andreas and even though I was never out of ideas I couldn’t find the time to realise it all.

the bluebirds are born

Not long ago we started playing together. We both felt that it would take some more time to realise the more complex ideas and we just liked to find a practical approach as well. The talking we already mastered… We quickly figured out that we both adored Stings music so we just tried some of his songs.

The great thing is that playing together is just as easy as talking to each other. That’s why we decided to start recording some songs and share it with you guys! The other ideas will take their time but meanwhile we wanna have some fun and let you be part of it!

Enjoy the bluebirds!